Erskine Grapple Bucket 72 Inch

The Grapple Bucket is a wonderful tool for moving all sorts of material and earth. Sand, dirt, rocks, mud, brush, logs, there’s really nothing that this grapple bucket can’t move. Two independent heavy-duty grapples powered by 3,000 lb. hydraulic cylinders secure uneven and odd shaped loads. Simply a great all around attachment for almost any job.

Erskine Grapple Bucket Specs  
Model 72″
Part Number 900612
Shipping Weight 1,010 lb.
Operating Weight 960 lb.
Width 74″
Height with Teeth Open 28.19″
Maximum Opening 40.36″
Hydraulic Cylinders 3″ x 6″ (2)
Steel Construction of Upper Teeth Hi-strength
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  • Heavy-Duty Tool Moves Difficult To Handle Materials Quickly And Easily
  • Constructed Of 1/2” High-Strength Steel And 7 Gauge Material
  • 2 – 3,000 Lb. Cylinders