Hesston by Massey 2956 Round Baler Twine

For cattle ranchers, dairymen and commercial hay producers whose success depends on making big bales quickly and efficiently.


  • Twine Tie
  • 61.5″ (1.6m) Wide x 72″ (1.8m) Diameter Bale Automatic Tying when Preset Bale Size is reached
  • 80.6″ (2m) Wide Pickup Assembly – Dual CamTrack Tine Control with Manual Override
  • Pickup Wind Guard Dual Tube Twine Arm
  • Slip Clutch with Hydraulic Declutcher Staggered Belt Clean Out
  • Bale Counter Wedge Grip Belts with Alligator Lacings
  • “Bale Full” Audio and Visual Alert Safety Chain
  • 3 Bar Color Coded Bale Shape Indicator Warning Light (Flashing)
  • Direct Feed, Rotor, Open Throat Chamber
  • 540/1000 RPM PTO Drive
  • Hydraulic Pickup Lift
  • QCS – Quad Cylinder Bale Density System Two Double Acting Remote Valves
  • 21.5L-16.1 Tires with Suspension Axle Bale Control Monitor required to Operate Baler
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Nobody knows hay like Hesston. And nobody knows how to make a round baler that’s more efficient, productive or reliable.

The new Hesston 2900 Series is built to maximize productivity. The advanced C1000 monitor provides real-time bale monitoring. Our exclusive Quad Cylinder System (QCS) delivers absolute control over belt and bale tension. And our proprietary torsion axle system ensures a smoother ride, greater stability and faster operating speeds.

The the unique design of our super-wide, low-profile pickup that comes standard on the 2956 baler. Combine this with our unique Auto-Cycle on-board hydraulics and you will have a high capacity baler that offers operational simplicity for all levels of experience.