Rhino 950 Heavy Duty Rear Blade

The 9′ 950 blade features a heavy-duty CAT 1-2, 2 QH 3-point hitch. The 9′ model is rated for up to 95 PTO HP wheel-type tractors. The 950 blade is equipped with hydraulic adjustments of the mainframe swing, moldboard angle, and moldboard tilt to better fit many applications. The 3″ diameter solid steel kingpin, reinforced 3/8″ x 17″ moldboard, and maximum of 30″ of offset make the 950 blade ideal for use on larger dual wheel tractors. The 950 blade can be offset up to 30″ left or right without relocating the cylinder. Many competitive blades can only reach their maximum offset in one direction without relocating the cylinder.

Rhino 950 Blade
Moldboard Width 9′ Hyd
Moldboard Dimension 3/8” x 17”
Cutting Edge ½” x 6”
Support Stand Std
Hitch CAT 1 & 2 / CAT 1 & 2 QH
Maximum HP (2WD) 9′ – 95
Maximum HP (FWA) 9′ – 81
Kingpin Diameter 3” Solid Steel
Adjustment Types Manual or Hydraulic
Offset (Max.) 30”
Pivot Forward Up to 45°
Pivot Reverse Up to 45°
Tilt- Up & Down Up to 15°
Weight (Approx.) 9′ – 876 Lbs.
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Every Rhino rear blade features a precision-formed moldboard with the exact curvature needed to achieve maximum penetration. The constant curvature and the perfect fit of the replaceable cutting edge allows Rhino blades to cut and roll the material rather than dragging, saving time, horsepower, and fuel. Another important feature not found on most competitive blades is the cutting edge which extends out past the end of the moldboard slightly, reducing the rate of wear on the moldboard.

Every Rhino big blade features a solid steel cold rolled kingpin, heavy-duty three-point hitch, massive mainframe, and reinforced moldboard for superior strength and durability. All pivot points are designed and built to exacting tolerances for a tight fit, long wear, and dependable service. Multiple manual adjustment settings and infinite hydraulic settings make Rhino blades one of the easiest rear blades to operate.