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Hesston balers
Hesston Baler 2250
Hesston Disc Mower/Conditioner 1383
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Hesston Baler 2250

Hesston small baler 2250SMALL BALES, BIG PERFORMANCE

The Hesston 2250 model makes a 3 x 3 bale, perfect for the medium-sized dairy and livestock operators who want a high-capacity machine but prefer a smaller bale that's easier to handle.

Part of the reliable 2200 series of Hesston balers, these smaller balers are easily handled and provide the top quality features Hesston balers are known for. These balers are the least labor intensive available, whether you're loading them or feeding them.

Features include:

  • Flywheel slip clutch with five discs for drive protection
  • 89" low-profile pick-up with upper and lower feeding augers for smooth crop flow into the pre-compression chamber
  • On-board hydraulics for easier hook-up
  • High-capacity double reduction gearbox specifically designed for that model
  • Compression spring suspension for smooth flotation over all terrains
  • Pre-compression flake chamber that makes equally dense, full rectangular bales every time
  • Sealed side panels to reduce trash build-up and a twine box covered with mesh screening to prevent twine from unspooling

There are a lot of other features you'll be pleased to know about, so come on in to our showroom and let our knowledgeable staff introduce you to this dandy smaller baler from Hesston.

Hesston Disc Mower/Conditioner 1383
Hesston 1383 moco

Hesston 1383 moco


There's nothing like the sweet aroma of freshly cut forage, until your machine starts to strip the crop or plugs up on the job and a pleasant workday goes up in smoke.

But your 1383 Disc Mower/Conditioner is built for smooth cutting, maximum efficiency and unmatched reliability. This is a commercial grade, side-pull unit, with the patented RazorBar header that puts an end to costly downtime. It features sealed bearings that don't require constant lubrication,  and wide-profile teeth for increased gear-to-gear contact, and a 13-foor cutting width.

Plus, the 1383 is the first pull-type design to have a hydraulic conditioning roll tension system. The cutterbed has smooth-profile rock guards integrated right into the cutterbed, and a lot of other advanced features that product the cutterbed and driveshaft.

Performance always matters, so come in and see all the features of the Hesston 1383, and work easier this year!

Hesston Windrower 9860


The Hesston  WR9800 self-propelled windrower is focused on performance, efficiency, simplicity and reliability. 

Produce quality hay, faster, more efficiently, with greater precision, less fatigue, better fuel economy and lower operating costs. The on-board terminal, FieldMax, lets you control all of the windrower's main functions, and the machine features a whole host of Hesston windrower firsts:

  • Self-Propelled Swather
  •  Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Hydraulic Header Drive
  • Onboard Electronics
  • Performance Monitoring
  • In-Cab Monitor System
  • On-board Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  •  Fully Integrated Guidance System
  •  Electro-Hydraulic Steering
  •  Self-Cleaning Cooling System
  •  Tier 4 Engine in Windrower
  •  Draper Head
  •  Sickle Head
  •  Disc Head
  •  Steel on Steel Conditioners
  •  Double Conditioning System (first and only)
  • Hydraulic Roll Tension
  • Turbulence Reduction Roll
  • Shiftable Decks
  • Smart Draper Head Technology

Why just read about it? If you're in the market for the best windrower Hesston has manufactured to date, come in and let's talk. We can tell you...and show you...all the features of this machine. 

RK Series Rotary Rakes


The trick to better baling is cleaner and more even windrows, and the Hesston RK3802 rotary rake is the implement to use.

Designed for smaller tractors without hydraulic valves, the new RK3802 single
rotor rake provides an economical upgrade from vertical fold wheel rakes.
The three-point hitch lifting requires no SAV or DAV, and these dual rotor models
are equipped with a transport chassis with steerable rear wheels. You'll have greater maneuverability on tight turns while raking, or during transport from field to field.

The dual rotor models are build so that when you lowering the rotor from headland to working position, the rear end of the rotor touches down first (like on an airplane). This prevents the tines from scalping the ground and contaminating the windrow. It also extends tine life.

Make baling easier. Come in and talk to our implement experts about the new RK3092, and learn why this rake is such a valuable tool for your fields.