Massey Hesston 1840 Small Square Baler

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Whether you bale a few acres a year for your own herd or put up thousands of bales annually, you can always count on the proven performance of a Massey Hesston 1840 square baler.

From the time hay enters the pickup until it drops out the back as a finished bale, the crop follows a straight path. There are no right-angle turns, no cross – conveying mechanisms and no high pickup lifts to shake or tear valuable leaves from the stems. Instead, the crop is lifted about half as high as on competitive models and fed straight into a prepacker chamber that actually preforms each flake before sweeping it straight into the bale chamber. There’s nowhere for nutritious leaves to go but into the bale.

  • 14″ x 18″ Bale Chamber
  • Adjustable Bale Length 24″ to 52″
  • U-Joint – Constant Velocity 3-Joint Driveline and Overrunning Clutch
  • 100 Strokes per minute Plunger mounted on 8 Sealed Ball Bearing Rollers
  • Hypoid Gearbox with Tapered Roller Bearings
  • Center Line Feed System
  • 89″ Pickup with 4 Bars and 56 Double Tines
  • Hydraulic Bale Density Control
  • Twine Storage Box – 10 Ball Capacity
  • Two Pickup Gauge Wheels
  • Bale Counter
  • Equal Weight Distribution on both Wheels
  • Adjustable Drawbar
  • Hydraulic Pickup Lift
  • Safety Chain
  • Knotter Blower
  • Parking Jack
  • 31 x 13.5 – 15, 8P Tires
  • Replaceable Bolt on Axles
  • Tool Less Bale Length Adjustment
  • 13″ Diameter Pickup Auger

Tractor Requirements:
50 PTO HP (minimum)