Utility Tractors

Smaller Tractors for a New Rural Lifestyle

Utility tractor 2700 seriesUtility tractors have come into their own. These days, a new generation of rural lifestyle customers --hobby farmers, farm-to-table producers, small businesses and large acreage landowners who maintain their land--need a new, smaller tractor with the power to get the job done.

For them, we proudly offer the 2700E Series Massey Ferguson tractor. These hardworking, tough little machines combine the practicality of a compact tractor with the functionality of a utility model.

Whether you're doing loader work, rotary cutting or any other rear PTO job, these smaller machines do the trick. And they are easy-to-operate tractors, combining modern-day innovation, value and comfort, with the quality you've come to expect from Massey Ferguson products.

Features of the 2700E Series

These tractors have the refinement of a compact tractor while offering the power and functionality of a utility tractor. You will have the ease of operation of a compact with the ability to do much more work. And it's so reliable,  we stand behind it with a 5-year powertrain warranty.

A longer wheelbase, plus adjustable wheels, provides a wider stance, and if you compare the tractor weight of the 2700E Series with the competition, you'll see these tractors have an excellent power-to-weight ratio. They are also versatile, handling as many jobs as you can come up with.

TRANSMISSION– Choose from an 8 x 8 (4 speed by 2 sub-range) Synchro-Shuttle mechanical transmission to help maximize productivity, or the 3-range hydrostatic transmission (HST) with convenient heel-toe foot pedal that’s easy for almost anyone to operate.

What do you need your utility tractor to do? These tough little tractors can do it all. A powerful 2,425-pound lift capacity gets the job done, and you can choose a category I or category II hitch to fit the way you work. Optional L135E Loader and CB85 Backhoe available.  And the telescopic lower links make attaching implements a breeze.

OPERATOR STATION – Clean, comfortable operator station features a well-positioned, suspended vinyl seat for excellent visibility to front and rear implements.

EASY FUEL FILL– Convenient ground-level fuel fill with more fuel capacity (14 gal.) than competitive models.

NO DPF –Maintenance-free Tier 4-compliant emissions system has no diesel particulate filter (DPF) to worry about changing.

More Power, Greater Efficiency

4600 utility tractorThe 4600 Series utility tractors from Massey Ferguson carry a  new 3-cylinder AGCO POWER™ engine for more power and greater efficiency. Loader and hay work has never been easier!

These utility tractors are affordable, powerful, versatile and comfortable. The new hydraulic power shuttle transmission lets you go from forward to reverse and back again without clutching. And that means that doing loader work is going to be less stressful and more productive, and easier on both you and the machine.

Each model is also Tier 4i compliant: Using electronic engine management, the 3-cylinder engine is both powerful and fuel efficient, without the need for regenerating particulate filters.

Come in today to see the 4610 cab tractor and let our staff give you the full specs and financing information for this powerful utility tractor.


Heavy Duty and Hardworking

massey ferguson 4700 seriesThe 4700 Series tractor fills the bill when you need a heavy-duty, purpose-built machine with immense lift capacity and the power to pull larger, heavier implements.  Tested around the world --from humid Southeast Asian rice paddies to bitter cold Northern Europe and oppressively hot Africa -- these tractors have done it all.

Fewer parts and a less complex design have proven to offer better fuel efficiency and easier maintenance. The 80-100 horsepower engines are specifically configured for North America, and deliver maximum torque at low engine speeds. Clean exhaust and miserly fuel consumption make for an unmatched operator experience and comfortable cost of operation.

With four valves per cylinder, the engine runs cool and smooth, and helps keep service costs down, too.

An easy-to-operate transmission provides multiple speed options under any circumstance.

The 4700 series lets you adjust how the trans engages when starting from a full stop, enables you to simply press a button to shift gears when you're turning...and more.