Mid-Range and High Horsepower Tractors

Massey Feruguson 6700 Series Tractors

massey-ferguson-6715-s-1Comfortable/ Maneuverable Tractor/Loader Combination
When you want heavy duty components and a new design to give you long-lasting durability and reliability, choose a 6700 Series tractor.

6700S series tractors come pre-fit to pair with the MF900 Series loader, and you can chose from three transmissions. Whether you're doing a lot of heavy loading, medium-sized tillage work or pulling a moco or baling hay, you've got the machine you need.

A base weight of 8,840 lbs, means more pulling power and lift capacity, with greater stability and unrivaled maneuverability.

Radial Tires
Unlike other tractors, premium radial tires come standard. Massey's innovative design means a larger portion of the tire contacts the ground, increasing traction, reducing soil compaction and optimizing fuel economy. Plus, they absorb shock and impact for a very comfortable ride.

Ease of Use
12 x 12 Synchro Power Shuttle (SPS) is ideal for heavy-duty loader work, and you can make frequent directional changes on the fly with the simple tilt of a lever. A Comfort Control Dial determines the reactiveness of the shuttle during direction changes, easily adjusting how the transmission engages when starting from a stopped position. And for  frequent-shifting operations, the simple press of a button  shifts to the desired gear without using the foot clutch pedal.

Power Shuttle 
For loading, stacking or other tough jobs, the optional Power Shuttle means easy electro-hydraulic declutch and directional change without the foot clutch pedal. This feature comes standard on all 6700 models.

The 3-point hitch provides a rear lifting capacity of 9,390 lbs. on the 6700 to support a wide range of implements, and a heavy-duty drawbar provides better towing capacity and unmatched versatility.  Extendable lower ball ends are managed by simply pulling a ring on the link, so implement attachment is easier than ever.

 Operator’s Station Comfort
Comfortable grab rails, easy-reach controls, adjustable seat, tilt-steering, debris shields, cup holder, tool box and floor mats come standard on all models.

Massey Ferguson 7700 series

massey ferguson 7700 series tractorHigh Horsepower  Performance
With a frame package that incorporates agility, versatility and a price closer to a mid-range tractor, the 7700 series can do it all...tillage, planting, harvesting, lugging, baling, loader work. You'll get high efficiency with the wide variety of implements you may need, minimizing your operating costs and maximizing your time.

 Features You'll Value Every Day
These machines bring the muscle with AGCO POWER™ 6.6- and 7.4-liter diesel engines, a redesigned front-axle suspension, increased hydraulic performance, and easy-to-use guidance technology.  Turbochargers with new electronic wastegates anticipate power needs, providing unbeatable engine response and high torque at all RPMs. The Engine Power Management (EPM) system delivers a power boost of up to 25 HP in demanding PTO, hydraulic and transport applications.

Additional enhancements include a new engine control unit (ECU) for precise operations, a new throttle valve for faster warm-ups, and a higher-pressure fuel injection system that delivers cleaner combustion, together eliminating the need for a diesel particulate filter. The new CYCLAIR™ cooling package enhances cooling efficiency without increasing system size.

Trans Options
The 7700 Series can be customized to meet the needs of all farm operation sizes, with a choice of two transmission packages with generous hydraulic capacity. Both systems boost efficiency and operation ease with convenient features such as Dynamic Tractor Management (DTM) and programmable cruise speeds. A wide range of speeds provides optimal performance and fuel economy, while speed-matching and AutoDrive allow clutchless control for swift gear and range changes.

The 7700 Series has more than double the front-suspension travel of previous models, putting more power to the ground for reduced wheel slippage and power hop in the field. When towing heavy loads on the road, the front suspension provides greater steering control at higher speeds. Push-button control lets operators adjust suspension to match the task at hand.These tractors can be ballasted to over 30,000 pounds. The new front monobloc weight system offers farmers a choice of 1,984-pound or 3,306-pound weights.